Easily Track and Monitor Your Breastfeeding Journey!


Easily Track and Monitor Your Breastfeeding Journey!

All About Breastfeeding

Your Complete Guide to Successfully Nursing Your Baby.

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Simple, Fast & Accurate!

  • Follow your baby’s rhythm! Start, Pause and resume timers as needed
  • Accurately capture every second with left and right timers
  • Last Breast Used will always tell you where you left off… to get ready for your baby’s feeding and provide even stimulation
  • Use reminders to ensure your baby won’t oversleep and miss a feed
  • Big buttons for easy recording… especially during late night feedings 😴
  • Quickly add, edit or delete any past sessions

See Your Baby Thriving
& Monitor Trends

  • Colorful, easy to read and customizable charts.
  • Tap the magnifying glass or legend to highlight just what you need.
  • Monitor your baby’s well-being and development by looking at helpful averages, count of sessions and feeding duration.
  • Monitor nursing time by breast to understand stimulation and supply.
  • View Hourly Pattern chart and spot trends… to help your baby developing a healthy daily routine.

Find Peace of Mind


Ensure your baby is going strong and healthy by monitoring daily changes, feedings and sleep time!

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What Breastfeeding Moms are Saying!

“So easy to use”


I use this app to keep track of my baby’s breast feeding and it is so easy to use.

The timer log is so simple and it makes it so helps to remember which breast to start with on the next feed which is so important to avoid mastitis.

It is also really reassuring to be able to see a daily total to know how long my baby has fed for.

“Love the individual timers!”


I love that I can track how much time she’s spent on each breast over time.

That’s something I haven’t found from any other app.

“I love all the little features!”


I’ve been using this app for my newborn since we left the hospital.

I did a bunch of research and picked this app over all the others due to the good reviews.

After a few weeks of using it this app has everything I need.

I love the timers for the breastfeeding, it has been so helpful for me so I know how much time she is spending on each breast without having to sit and watch a clock.

I love all the little features and being able to put in really anything you could ever dream of with this app

“It’s awesome and easy, for a first time mom here!”


Love this app! So easy to use, you can track everything.

I mainly use it for breastfeeding and pumping, you can go in and edit your breastfeeding times, it tells you how long between each feeding, which breast you used last, it gives you your average feeding times and how many sessions per day, it’s awesome and easy for a first time mom here!

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