My Baby’s First Bath… Sponge OR Tub?

0-2 Months

Is your camera ready…? 📸

What an amazing memory to cherish for years to come… your baby’s first bath!🥰

But… is your baby ready for it? Did the umbilical stump fall off yet?

Interestingly, I have learned that different countries follows different rules…

In certain areas, full baths are given to infants whether or not the umbilical cord is still attached… while in the US and in many other countries… it is recommended to give a sponge bath until the stump falls off.

The idea is that keeping the area dry, will allow for better healing and cause the stump to fall off faster… and reduce the risk of infection.

The idea is that keeping the area dry will allow better healing and the stump to fall faster… as well as reducing the risks of infection.

Either way… your baby is ready for their first sponge or tub bath! 🎉

If your baby’s umbilical cord didn’t fall off yet and you want to wait… it is totally fine!

You won’t have to wait too long!

Let me start by saying that your Little One will not need to be bathed frequently.

They actually don’t sweat or smell… and too much bathing… using body wash… may dry up their delicate skin.

On the other hand… a bath is an amazing way for your baby to relax, bond with you and… can be a pillar of their night time routine!

So, here are a few suggestions on how to balance the pros and cons…

  • You may refresh your baby every day, by alternating the use of body wash or shampoo and maybe limit them to once or twice a week… The rest of the week just use warm water… 😉
  • I would still use a few drops of gentle cleanser in the diaper area… for that daily deep cleaning… 😉 and reduce the risk of a diaper rash!

Your ParentLove app will become very handy to log when you use soap and even track any potential skin reactions

Their skin is extremely sensitive and you may need to try different products before finding the best one for your LO.

Since most babies find a bath deeply relaxing… it has become a good habit to include a bath in your baby’s bed time routine.

Even though your newborn will dictate their day for a few more weeks… it is a good idea to start a routine early on.

Just stick to the flow of the activities before bed time… more than commit to a strict “time” of the day.

Babies love their routine because they know what to expect next…

Log your baby’s bath time, how they enjoy it and notice their changes… this will help you building their perfect daily routine… for a calmer and less cranky baby…

Happy Baby… Happier Parents… 🥰🥰

Lots of Love & Happy Parenting! 💕

About Donatella

Dony is a mom of 2, who found her true passion supporting breastfeeding moms and new parents, in their journey into parenthood.

In addition to her personal experience, she has dedicated years studying the prenatal and postnatal period… and is constantly learning to better support new parents! 💕

She has supported hundreds of nursing mothers, taught classes and attended many births as a doula.

Dony has been trained and certified as a:

  • IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • Newborn Care Specialist Educator
  • Birth Doula CD(DONA)
  • Gentle Birth Childbirth Educator

Together with her husband, they created the ParentLove app to help parents caring for their newborns. Learn more about our family!

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